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Blue Lock's Devil Striker

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Who says that I can't beat you? Who says that you're stronger than me? Who says that I'll just let you bring me down and not fight back? Who do you think you are? You don't have any right to judge me. You don't have any right to tell me what to do. I'll do what I want, and you won't be able to stop me. I'll come at the top, and you'll regret about ever disrespecting me.
Credits: Cover art is not mine, the manga, plot and characters are also not mine, it's all from Muneyuki Kaneshiro-sensei and Yusuke Nomura-sensei.
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Class 3-E. The worst class in Kunigigaoka Junior High School has been assigned to kill a threat to the world. "I'm gonna crush them" That's what he said, and that's what will happen. ------------------------------------------------------------------ I don't own any characters except (Y/N).


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If he sees merits in an action, he'll do it. That's how (Y/N) lived his life. As emotionless as he may seem, behind that mask of his hidden a child that wants to be free from his past and mindset. ----------------------------------------------------------------- This fanfic is Horikita X Male Reader. I don't own any characters.


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Ahh, Love.. What a beautiful piece of sh-anyway, Let's continue to the description cause I'm really lazy to tell about it. L/n Y/n, The General Affairs officer of the Student Council and also, a popular kid in and outside of school. Love is common word for a boy like him. But he has never experience it. Join in Y/n's life of romance and comedy at the same time in this Love is War Fanfic. Love is war is not mine blah blah blah.. Whatever.


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Izumi Ryuzu was different from the kids around her age. She had founded Hero's boring, the whole concept didn't seem to make sense to her, but after watching her Quirkless classmate save his childhood friend from a villain she had finally became interested. Will she be able to become the Hero her father was or will that dream stay a dream? This is her journey into become one of the greats hero. ________________ !Contains Spoilers for those who haven't watched BNHA] I'm kinda bad at writing fighting scene but I'll do my best! Started - 01/16/23 Ending - ???


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A boy with magic not completely known, only thought to be told in history books. He hopes to find more about his past, and help is two younger brothers...Become the Wizard King!


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Hikaru Miyaba had a rough life growing up not being given the same opportunities as other individuals. He had an overflowing amount of potential to become an amazing player. However he was never able to do so. He had gotten into a car accident and died never able to really see were he stands in the soccer world. Until GOD himself talks to him about being reincarnated into the Soccer Anime/Manga Blue Lock. I DO NOT OWN BLUE LOCK OR ANY PHOTOS OR PICTURES.


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A boy watching a friendly football match got approached by a creepy guy. They both didn't realize that this coincidental meeting will become an important key to both of their dreams.


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Returning from France, Y/N Shinomiya transfers to Shuchiin Academy, just to see that he is in the battle field of love instead of the prestigious privat school. I don't own Kaguya-sama Love is War, I don't own the pictures. Everything that is not the story belongs to their respective owners.


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Living, just to die. Facing a disease that can kill him anytime. With almost no reason to live, will the concept of love exist in his dictionary?


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Nagi is a boy who's very lazy yet unnaturally gifted with the ability to play soccer in an extraordinary way. His brother, Y/n which his is nickname, is also the same but more productive and at least takes care of Nagi, being the elder brother by 6 minutes and 9 seconds.