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GreedLing x Reader one-shots

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Title says it all. This is set when Ed is working for Greed and you are with them. So if you want to request anything leave it in the comments.
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(Y/n) Mustang, one of the youngest state alchemists and the adopted daughter of the Colonel, discovers that her empathy is much more powerful than anyone around her could have ever imagined. [she/her pronouns used] (Y/n): Your Name (e/c): eye color (h/c): hair color (h/t): hair texture (h/l): hair length (s/c): skin color (published on quotev: forevercontent) !DISCLAIMER! I do not own any of the Fullmetal Alchemist/ Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood characters.


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He stares into your eyes not breaking eye contact, you can see a small smirk start to form on his lips as he walks over slowly to you...


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Estuarine: Relating to the part of a large river where it becomes wide and flows into the sea. This Story follows Y/n on a very rocky adventure, from suffering a tragedy in childhood to moving in with the Hughes Family and meeting a certain someone later on. Who could this person be? Check the title. SLOW UPDATES|| ON HIATUS! - Pronouns used: she/her & they/them Background chapters : 1-11 Canon Chapters: 12 - ongoing - Credit to my friend who reviewed my title! Chapter Lengths vary Ling Yao X reader story


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The title says it all! This will be a compilation of GreedLing X Reader oneshots and stories. There aren't enough of these on Wattpad, so I'm writing my own! Open to requests, so if you like what I'm writing and you want more, feel free to send me your ideas. Unfortunately I do not own FMA or any of its series, movies, or characters


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While in the amidst of her travels, [Name] bumps into the man she harbored utter hatred for: her ex, Ling Yao. Blinded by her hatred towards the man, as soon as she sees him, she begins to ruthlessly attack him only to realize that the Ling that stood before her, was an entire new person in her ex's body. And much to her distaste, it was love at first sight for the new person that she met in Ling's body as he, and the fragment of her past buried within him, vowed to make [Name] their's once again. [Greedling x Reader]


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Greed x Reader, or GreedLing x Reader and or Greed x Ling in this Story.


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24分 | BOOK I of SERIES I | "Watching their own anime, all 20 series!" Inside a labyrinthine library exist the souls of the many many writers. These writers must delve into the stories of authors and do whatever is necessary to carry them out to their proper conclusions. Taints enter to divert the story to a horrible ending. One obscure author, named Eve accidentally entered a book titled "24 Minutes." She meets a person named Dipper, the theatress and the only character in the book. She invites her on a marathon, a marathon of diverse stories filled with emotions. People were thrown in a cinema to watch along, these characters from each series or - let's say universes - were to watch altogether the lives of certain people unfold, including their own. I͢..... エイブリィ. . . . . ✎ Manga Spoilers & References!


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Santana Silver being a senior in high school thought she had everything planned out. Her dreams of being a hairstylist were becoming a reality and she couldn't fathom the thrill. She was hardworking, dedicated, and stayed true to herself. One of the loyalest of her peers and sometimes it got her into a lot of trouble.

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After meeting your end, caused by an....."unfortunate accident" you reincarnate in one of your favorite animes. That time i got reincarnated as a slime. #1 in greed 07/03/2021 #1 in melancholy 19/12/2020 #1 in vainglory 12/12/2020 #1 in gluttony 28/04/2021 #1 in thattimeigotreincarnatedasaslime 13/12/2020 #1 in rimurutempest 30/12/2020 #1 in authorities 10/01/2021 #2 in archbishop 12/12/2020