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Warning- Mature, kidnapping, 18+ Veronica Martin, One of the most talented Doctors, she is beautiful and smart but still stuck in an unfaithful marriage. Her life takes an unexpected turn when one VIP patient comes to her, Vladimir Volkov. Veronica wasn't aware of his power and did something which she shouldn't have. Results, Vladimir purchased her from her own husband and She has no idea how to deal with this situation, but one thing she realises that she shouldn't have messed with Vladimir. Note- Story will be removed from Wattpad once completed.


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When Arianna marries billionaire Zach Price to save her family, she doesn't expect to fall in love with a man who'd always consider her a second choice. An unexpected turn of events brings the couple closer together, but can a marriage based on lies and deceit ever survive? ***** When Arianna's older sister, Olivia, decides to run away on the day of her wedding, Arianna is forced to take her place to save her family from ruin. But her new husband is angry, heartbroken, and seems to hate her guts. The cold, elusive billionaire Zach Price has never quite struck Arianna as the kind of man she'd want to spend her entire life with. She was more than content with her sweet, thoughtful boyfriend Noah, but when circumstances force them together, Zach and Arianna's hearts get entangled in a way she never saw coming. As the couple grows closer, they must battle the demons of their past and of the lives they left behind - especially when Olivia returns and decides she wants Zach all for herself. Content/Trigger Warning: This story contains scenes of violence and sexual abuse, and mentions abortion and miscarriage. [[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]] Cover designed by Ren Tachibana


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She loved him with everything she had. He used her with everything he had. She cared for him like a God. He only cared for his own needs. She fulfilled every promises she made on their marriage. He broke all the promises he made on their marriage. She always put him above anything else. He always put her down for anyone or anything. She never lied to him. He lied to her at every possible chance. She kept his wishes above hers. He didn't cared for her wishes. Her love for him was unbreakable. He didn't loved her. For her, their marriage is a bliss. For him, their marriage is a compromise. For her, he was the only man who touched her. For him, she wasn't the only women who touched him. She always remained faithful to him. He cheated on her countless times. She is Siya Singhania. He is Kabir Singhania. She is a loyal wife. He is a cheating husband. She have her heart to him and he broke it mercilessly, for he cheated on her. Many questions arises when Siya got to know about her cheating husband. But the main question here is, will she forgive him? What will Kabir do when he realises his mistake? He falls in love with her truly and deeply but she was gone till the time he realised it. He became determined to make. her his again and to win her heart. But many problem arises when a new man entered in Siya's life. A man who was much more powerful then him. A man who was feared, respected and terrifying. A man who was king of business world. The man was Abhimanyu Singh Rajput. ***


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Văn án: Hàn Dục long tương bước đi mạnh mẽ uy vũ, dũng mãnh phi thường, nhân nghĩa một thế hệ sát thần, nhân gặp người sợ, quỷ gặp sợ. Thịnh Kinh nữ tử, ngửi này tên đều bị trong lòng run sợ ký hỉ thả sợ. Hốt một ngày, kế mẫu mang đến cái tiểu kiều muội, kiều mỵ khả nhân, ngọc nhuyễn hoa nhu. Trầm Tĩnh Dao không những không sợ hắn, còn triều hắn vươn nhuyễn kiều kiều thủ nhi đạo: "Ca ca ôm một cái." Hàn Dục vui vẻ... Đọc chỉ nam: 1, tô thích ngọt. Vô căn cứ lịch sử chớ khảo chứng. 2, không cần rối rắm chi tiết ăn khớp, đây là cái làm cho nhân nhìn vui vẻ hạnh phúc văn. Nội dung nhãn: tình có chú ý ông trời tác hợp cho ngọt văn Nhân vật chính: Trầm Tĩnh Dao ┃ phối hợp diễn: Hàn Dục ┃ cái khác: nông nghiệp văn, trạch đấu chờ


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Diana is an 18 year old girl about to start her senior year, she bumps into a woman at the bookstore who has quite the personality. The woman takes the book Diana had her eye on. This is not edited so it might be a little messy and it is not a slow burn!!! Story includes: -Smut -PTSD -mention of abuse ^Do not read if you are disturbed with these!!


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Shourya Singhania - The 26-year-old heir of a multi-million dollar company, a protective gentleman who looks after his family. He's harsh, straightforward and not one to mess with. The last thing you want is to be on his bad side. But on the inside, he's a total softie. Never even thought of marriage until. . . . . "Anything she wants." "Please don't be upset with me." "I don't like filthy pests talking about what's mine." Meera Rao - A 23-year-old, middle-class girl who works as a teacher with kids with disability. She's shy, gentle and a total sweetheart. The last thing you would want is to see her upset. It would just break your heart. She was promised to her father's best friend's son when she was 18 but . . . . . "J-ji?" "I collected things I like, you probably think it's silly." "People are watching." Read "Kismat" to follow along the sweet journey of Meera and Shourya as they fall in love. Ranking achievements so far! #21 Indian (18.02.23) #1 shy (18.02.23) #8 India (20.02.23) #1 Desi (20.02.23) #3 innocent (22.02.23) #23 romance (23.02.2023) #1 cute (06.03.2023) #6 family (10.03.2023)