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In which fate offers Edward Cullen a second chance in righting his wrongs.

HOLY DOVE - [ © 2017 | leia universe ]

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( NEW MOON. ) ❝I'm sorry. You did what? On whom?❞ ━━━ heart. book two | ongoing ( twilight saga )


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Different stories of Dazai and Chuuya . Each chapter is independant from the others unless i mention it .


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"you think fangs and a little danger could scare me away? Think again, Mr Cullen." book one in emward series, book 2 for continuity of my twilight series, rehab - - C. Swan predates this. Jasper and Alice are just best friends in this fanfic. •••• FORMERLY KNOWN AS 'ETERNAL TOUCH' STRONG LANGUAGE AND ADULT THEMES. A compelling story in which Emerson Jade Swan succumbs to the charms of a certain immortal, upon returning home to her hometown of Forks. Secrets are revealed, friendships are tested and the foundations of Emerson's reality are shaken to the core. I don't own any media used or twilight characters and twilight sourced plot lines.


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redemancy (n.) the act of loving in return. In which the wizarding world watches about Amara Potter Black's life and discover about another world Where they watch her grow into what she was always meant to be: a goddess in her own right. Apollo x Oc (fem! Harry, Amara Potter) Status: Slow Updates Re written: March 04, 2023 Ended:

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Edward, Emmet, and Jasper soulmate story ------- Sorry, still fricken suck at this part. ------- Please read notes. WARNING ⚠️⚠️⚠️ ⚠️ nsfw ⚠️ depression ⚠️ anxiety ⚠️ ED ⚠️body dysmorphia ⚠️ drug use ⚠️ suicide thoughts and actions ⚠️ violence ⚠️age gap ⚠️teacher x student relationship ⚠️ others


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[twilight bookverse] [edward cullen] Arabella Swan, known as the bitter twin, is moving up to Forks, Washington, ahead of her sister, who she knows will follow her there soon enough. [this is basically an au. I'll hold true to what I can.]


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Clara Thorne was unlike any other person Edward Cullen had ever come across. And she wouldn't tell him why, but he was determined to find out. Could it be that two people who had given up on the idea of love will find it within each other? × × × × × × An Edward Cullen stand-alone © Copyright for the Twilight Saga belongs solely to Stephenie Meyer. I own nothing but my original characters and their plots within the story.


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60 days with Professor Romanoff, lectures, study sessions and out of hours office visits it's not exactly illegal but it's more than immoral. Will it stop you? More importantly Will it stop her? How can she feel so much for you but keep so many secrets hidden? You're forever in the dark, blindfolded by her affection but the sun will rise eventually and the light will shine the question is, when it does, are you willing to forgive and forget or are her secrets just too much?


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"He was compromised of good intentions. His hands carried flowers. He opened the car door for me like a true gentleman. He pulled me close enough that I could smell his woodsy and slightly metallic cologne... it was intoxicating. His eyes though, that's where I saw the real intent. They were malicious and unforgiving golden. Daggers carved of honey. His smile drew me in while his eyes cut me open. I've never felt so exposed as when he looked at me. Those eyes saw everything."