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(this book is super cringy and bad- you can read it if you want but know that my writing is a lot better now) it's basically a boyfriend scenarios book but soulmates - jason Voorhees - Michel Myers - polite stranger(from the purge) - Tex Sawyer - Billy Loomis - brahms heelshire - Patrick bateman - the killer from hush (I don't own anything in this unless said otherwise)


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(Ghostface X Depressed Female Reader) Premise: A young women has recently moved into a new home that her late grandfather passed onto her. Between her loneliness, anxiety disorder and depression, she finds her one way to cope is by researching and learning about serial killers. Through her facisnation she becomes mainly obsessed with the infamous Ghostface, and upon a faithful night, comes face to face with him. Gradually she builds an intimate relationship with the killer, and rather than fear him, looks forward to his nightly visits. -Trigger Warning ⚠️ this story contains content that may or may not upset some readers, with issues relating to self harm, alcoholism, abuse, and mental health disorders. (However, if you came looking for an xreader story with a serial killer, you're likely prepared. Just wanted to put the warning out there.)


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Do you ever just play Dead By Daylight and think to yourself, "dang, I wish I could date this person. Too bad they're a fictional character" or, "holy shit I want to fuck them." (LMFAO) Well guess what? All your wildest dreams come true right here. All ya gotta do is press read ♥️ 👉Art on the cover and in the book doesn't belong to me! Most impressive rankings: 🎖️#1 in dbd 🎖️#2 in horror 🎖️#3 in horror-thriller 🎖️#5 in oneshotcollection 🎖️#5 in halloween ✨Started ~ October 10th, 2019


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Requests r cloooosed lol pls respect da fact I'm takin a hiatus from writin I got brainrot =] this was mainly for me but then I wanted to share them so here we are. It's a bunch of nsfw so if u don't want to read it, DONT.


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GUESS WHO'S BACK That's right baby! I'm back in action and better than ever. MORE motivation. MORE characters. MORE scenarios. MORE. OF. EVERYTHING. For those of you who have never read my old content before it was deleted. Welcome. We all love horror here and what better way to love horror than to imagine ourselves with the disturbing characters themselves. so sit back and relax and read this hell of a book.


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hey this is my first time doing one shots so I hope that's its not too terrible. hope y'all like it!!!


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"How can I have a favourite, when I...I love you all...?" "Really, I do. I really, really do." "Do you hear me!? I...I LOVE YOU ALL!!" This time there's SEVEN slashers around; the sharp-tongued Freddy Krueger, the silent Michael Myers, the mysterious Jason Voorhees, the timid Norman Bates, the psychological Hannibal Lecter, the mischievous Ghostface and the playful Pennywise. Can (Y/n) survive another round of crazed chaos and handle TWO, brand new killers thrown into the mix...? Can she successfully deal with them all...? ...Who can say? [NOTE/S: -I don't own ANY of the slashers in this story, nor the characters on the cover - I just own the story/plot-line. -I'm using the Norman from Bates Motel, and using the Hannibal from the TV show.] -There might be some Easter eggs/quotes from popular TV Shows/Video-Games/Music/Etc Etc - can you spot them? ;) ] {Hope you enjoy!}