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[iη]secure || lookism x male oc

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wakes up in a world that doesn't look like his, like his life turned 180 degrees. with a personality that previously showed insecurities, he gained confidence and even a harem. of course, I'd be confused too.

-updates rarely-

author: jaeeyoon

original author: park taejoon

highest rank: 1# mxm.
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"It really is a shame that such a pretty face is about to get so fucked up." I say as I run my finger down his jawline. "Even more so that it was wasted on an asshole like you." I add. "Feel free to sit on it anytime you want, Tesoro." He replies. *** Anastasia Levkin has recently taken the title of Donna of the Russian mafia after her father died. No one knows she exists, let alone is the most feared and deadliest assassin in the world and the new queen of the Russians. When Anastasia goes on a mission to infiltrate the Italian mafia, she believes it will be an easy task - get caught, lie her way into the Italian mafia and destroy them. Simple right? Except things don't always go according to plan. When Vincenzo Medici, the Don of the Italian mafia, catches Anastasia in his warehouse, he falls into her trap and accepts her into his mafia. Using her as an asset... but is that really all she is to him? The question stands: Will blood always run thicker than water? Or are there exceptions? The more time she spends with Vincenzo and his family, the more difficult her decision becomes. *** *Book 1 of the Medici series* BEING RE-WRITTEN #1 in Mafia on 21/03/22 #1 in Humour on 22/03/22 #1 in Gun on 22/03/22 #4 in Romance on 21/03/22 #1 in MafiaRomance on 08/04/22 #2 in Assassin on 09/04/22 #1 in Don on 17/04/22 #7 in Funny on 15/11/22 #8 in Plottwist on 16/12/22


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(M/N) is that boy that everybody dreams of being with, (M/N) is a quiet person, yet a charming feminine boy and he loves reading books, and he can be seen in the library during lunch or after school. He is really kind and loves to smile every time and he's willing to help people just like his little brother who wants to be like him. With this, some boys are fighting there way to win this boy's heart. Who will (M/N) choose in the end? Will the boys succeed with their plan?


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A LOOKISM [ webtoon ] x reader limerence; (n) the state of being infatuated with another person Money makes the world go round. When given the choice, is it friends over money? Or money above all else? A secretive runaway enters the world of Big Four, and shakes the balance of power- dominating Korea and keeping every toe in line. However, she is avaricious. Can the men around her really melt the heart that is in love with money? - OUR HIGHEST RANKINGS #2 - crew #3 - webtoon


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BxB WARNING: OC IS USELESS, WEAK, STUPID, NAIVE, DUMB, VERY DEPENDANT AND CRYBABY. Kim Aiden is a blind boy. He got into Juvenile Prison after being framed for theft. He was only small and thin boy. He thought he would be beaten to death as soon as he went inside his cell. Unexpectedly, he managed to caught everyone's hearts. Including a certain leader of Big Deal...


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↣ Lookism x Parody! Delinquent! Reader ↢ [ Currently Editing ] ▸ Animalism (noun): behavior that is characteristic of or appropriate to animals, particularly in being physical and instinctive. Y/N L/N is a wish fulfillment character with a mean appetite and an even meaner punch. Her nonchalant attitude paired with her insane family had landed her in deep water with the (home country) media. Which caused her to go back to a place where she never cared to return to. South Korea. And who does she move in next to? Take a guess. Because she's not a Mary Sue for no reason. + Female Love Interests included I got number 1 for the ranking "zoey". Nice. ☾WARNING☽ ▸ Y/N is perceived as tall and intimidating ▸ I constantly misspell Zoe as Zoey ▸ Yandere warning in later chapters ▸ VERY CRINGY CHAPTERS ▸Mary Sue Warning! ⇢⇢ THIS IS A PARODY OF THEM XREADER FAN FICTIONS, SHE IS JUST A RIDICULOUSLY OVERPOWERED AND SOMEWHAT SELF AWARE MARY SUE. HIGHKEY MARY SUE. .。*゚+.*.。 All original images are drawn from Taejoon, this is not made for profit  ゚+..。*゚+ Chapters 1-30, Halloween Special, QandAs, 43, 44 are edited.


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(Lookism various x male reader) (REWRITING) " ... [Name]... " [Name] looked behind and saw the male, he smiled as he saw the sight of the male he's been wanting to see. " ?????, you actually came... " " of course I did... so... what's your ans- !! " he was cut off when [Name] ran up to him and pressed his lips against his own, his eyes widened at the sudden action but slowly closed his eyes and returned the kiss. after awhile, the male pulled away as he looked straight into his now lover's eye and whispered. " finally... your mine... "


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When Arianna marries billionaire Zach Price to save her family, she doesn't expect to fall in love with a man who'd always consider her a second choice. An unexpected turn of events brings the couple closer together, but can a marriage based on lies and deceit ever survive? ***** When Arianna's older sister, Olivia, decides to run away on the day of her wedding, Arianna is forced to take her place to save her family from ruin. But her new husband is angry, heartbroken, and seems to hate her guts. The cold, elusive billionaire Zach Price has never quite struck Arianna as the kind of man she'd want to spend her entire life with. She was more than content with her sweet, thoughtful boyfriend Noah, but when circumstances force them together, Zach and Arianna's hearts get entangled in a way she never saw coming. As the couple grows closer, they must battle the demons of their past and of the lives they left behind - especially when Olivia returns and decides she wants Zach all for herself. Content/Trigger Warning: This story contains scenes of violence and sexual abuse, and mentions abortion and miscarriage. [[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]] Cover designed by Ren Tachibana