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Kyoka Jiro x Male Reader

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Y/N got into UA school, in class 1-A. He likes music, his favorite genre is rap. Then he meets a girl who likes music too. They both meet in an awkward moment. What will they do?

All rights to the owner of the anime. Happy reading!
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"If that demon were to see you, he would kiss your eyes and repent. Your body is sinful perfection. It's the apple begging to be bitten. You are like the tree in Eden in which no one- not even God himself- would be able to resist." ----------------------------- Saint Jones The boy who's hated Luci Black since the day she came to Kingston High. The boy who's bullied her since day one. The boy who can't help but get angry every time he looks at her. The boy with an aura of goodness radiating out of him. The boy who knows her secret. The boy who is trying to hide his. Luci Black The girl everyone can't help but stare at. The girl with the unrecognizable aura to her that makes people angry. The girl who tries very hard to be good. The girl that will never be "good enough" The girl with the secret no one must know. What will happen when the two secrets are revealed? What happens when Heaven and Hell meet?


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Chile idk ...🙃


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''Tell me you're not dumb enough to think I'm going to let you go out with that scum'' he basically growled, his hands trapping me between him and the wall. ''Y-You can't t-tell me who to date. You left me alone for t-three whole years'' I said, my voice trembling from how close we were. He chuckled and looked from eyes to my lips, smirking. ''But now I'm back, baby'' ~~~ He's back. Her best friend, Aiden. They grew up together, with the promise that they'd never leave each other's side. Partners in crime, like everyone called them. That was until Aiden left, leaving behind no clues that he ever existed at all, giving no explanation as to why he had to leave. 'I'll never let him in my life again'' Evelyn told herself then. Little did she know he'd make his way in and not only would she let him in her life again, but she'd be the one holding the doors open.


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Anna Brown is a rebel high school student. Thomas Davidson is the new History teacher, he is 30 years old and hiding a secret. Will the new History teacher tame Anna or just give up? Will Anna discover Thomas' secret? Thomas looked into her eyes and Anna bit her lips. 'Damn.. Don't move' she whispered. 'I want to do this.' and she caught his face with her hands, turned his head, caught his earlobe between her lips and sucked it slowly. Thomas let out an instant moan, a combination of pleasure and surprise


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NOTE: This story will stray from the canon. After the retirement of All Might, and the defeat of All For One, there has been a rising curve of crime throughout Musutafu City. One young man, (Y/N) (L/N), decides to do something about it. (Y/N) has a very powerful quirk, and uses it to try and do something about these criminals, despite not having a second of professional hero training. Known as a vigilante, (Y/N) has had multiple run-ins with pro heroes in the past, but one faithful encounter with a very special girl will change his life forever. This change will definitely be a big one. New bonds will be formed, new enemies made, new abilities discovered, and (Y/N) will find things he didn't even know about himself, not to mention, a strange new feeling.


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Killed by an assassin and reborn beside Athanasia? A sadistic and an 'innocent' pair of twins...? The conquerors? Or the schemers? Or are they a pair of mischievous prankers?