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Learning To Love - Jamie Campbell Bower

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First, he was the guy standing outside in his undies during a fire evacuation, and then he was the guy who invited me to coffee at two in the morning, and then he became the guy who meant something, and then he became the guy that taught me to trust again. Finally, he became the one I loved.

He became a lot of things, but what was to become of us?
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____________________________________________________ 🇬🇧 This is an authorized novel translation from the original author, and this translation made by fan and for fan to read only without gain any profit or commercials use 🇮🇩 Terjemahan ini sudah mendapatkan izin langsung dari penulis aslinya dan terjemahan ini di buat oleh penggemar untuk penggemar untuk di baca saja tanpa mendapatkan keuntungan apa pun dan untuk kepentingan komersial lainnya ____________________________________________________ Author : @Jamie_psf English Translator : phuchana_sibtis (Chawee) Synopsis Amongst the widespread use of today's wireless communication, pen and paper have become strangers to the art of expression. A young man who has spent his life expressing his feelings through writing rather than speaking decides to relay his emotions onto a small piece of paper, composing together a letter to be sent to a certain someone...


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Imagine that you can meet one of your favorite actors. Imagine that you start falling for him, but he falls even harder for you and he wants you to be his girlfriend. Sounds amazing ... right ? Or should it have stayed only an imagination ?


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❝ but that was jamie. she always did things she'd regret. ❞ meet jamie, the mood maker of blackpink. ━━ added member au. fluff. angst. slice of life. childhood friends au. slow burn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). femoc! x jung hoseok! started: [ september 4, 2021! ] status: [ ongoing! ]


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What if Tyrion had a child in his first marriage with tysha and only after the child is born does Tywin find out ... Titan Lannister son of tyron Lannister did not develop his father dwarfism and instead inherited his fathers wits and his grandfathers mind but trained himself to be the best sword-man What if this child was the pride and joy of the Lannister name and was hated by his aunt Cersei Lannister... What if he shows all of Westeros why house Lannister should be feared and how powerful they are How will Titan Lannister play the Games Of Thrones will he Win or will he Die (This is my first story and I haven't watch the show in a bit so something might be different also first story so don't expect much ) Ps.all characters are owned by HBO and George R.R Martin so yeah none of them are mine


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The earth has always been considered alive, an ancient being with endless wisdom and patience. Ancient civilizations imagined the planet as a woman, a goddess having a bond with the very same earth around them. And they were right. Gaia has been a spirit of nature for thousands of years, some considering her to be the very first spirit. Unlike the big 4, she has no need of believers; just the ground beneath her. It's the early of the 21st century when she starts getting visits by a dark spirits long forgotten. With plans of chaos in his dark mind, she is quick to approach the Guardians only to find herself tangled into their war. Will the new Guardian known as Jack Frost offer her some comfort? Or will Pitch Black manage to bring her to his side? (In this story, the main pair is Gaia x Jack Frost, but will be one sided psychotic attraction from Pitch across the chapters. An unhealthy obsession towards the OC)


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❝If none of you want to listen, then be my guest, but it won't be my fault when you're missing a leg.❞ ──── Charlotte, cousins with Helena and best friends with Cassandra. She was the yin to her loved ones' yang, and she wasn't afraid of anybody. After a field trip gone wrong, the teenagers discover that they are not home, and that they are alone. Charlotte takes on the role of being the leader of the Guard, and makes it her responsibility to make sure New Ham doesn't turn upside down, but there was only so much she could do and take. Even though she was surrounded by her friends and people who cared for her, even though she was a leader figure in the town and had everyone's respect, she was still not invincible, and it would only take a matter of time before she fell apart herself. Charlotte Wang, the Guardian.


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This is an english Jamie Campbell Bower Fan-Fiction, written by a german, who loves the englisch language and to experiment. I'm sorry if there are any mistakes, I know it's not perfect, and my english isn't perfect, but it was a lot of fun to write this and yeah. Hope you like it. :-) Thea is a reporter and her life is about interviewing stars and writing articles. She's pretty happy, until someone tries to ruin her life. Suddenly there's this article that tells about the relation between Thea and the famous Jamie Campbell Bower..


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When Ava starts working on a movie with her favourite actor of all time Jamie Campbell Bower, she becomes close friends with him and the other cast mates. Soon Ava sees that she is getting feelings for the British handsome fella. Problem is he is in a relationship at the moment, yet he seems to reply to her with the same longing? What is this shit?