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This was a couple of Ideas I Wanted to add in the Original fanfics


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"أهـي لـي..؟!" " أجــل" أردف يـبـعـد شـعـرهـا عـن رقـبـتـهـا نـاظـرا لـشـامـاتـهـا الـثـلات.. لامـسـهـن بـإبـهـامـه بـحـب... "جـمـيـلات بـشـكـل يـغـرقـن قـلـبـي و يـمِـلـنـه لـهـن بـطـريـقـةٍ خـاضـعـة.." أخـبـرهـا بـيـنـمـا قـد أغـلـق تـلـك الـقـلادة الـتـي قـد عـانـقـت عـنـقـهـا الـذي بـياضـه يـنـافـس نـصـاع الـثـلـج بـنـصـعـِه.. كـانـت تـنـظـر للـقـلادة بـحـب و سـعـادة لـذا هـي قـد احـتـضـتنـه بـكـل مـا تـمـلـك مـن قـوة.. " أحـبـك جـونـغـكـوك.." " لأجـل أنـي أحـضـرتُ الـهـديـة ! أم لأنـي تـغـزلـتُ بـشـامـاتـك؟!" " لأنـك مـعـي..."


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Isabella Carter is a 17 year old werewolf,  waiting for her mate. Jared Lockwood is a 17 year old soon-to-be Alpha werewolf, player who does not want a mate. On Jared's 18th Birthday, one accidental touch changed both their life that will lead to both of their heartache, jealousy, and eventually to each other.


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He walks me backwards, getting dangerously close to the edge of the building. "You're a suicidal maniac and you don't even know it." He looks me up and down, lowering his tone. "But I see right through you darling" - - In which a troubled girl with insomnia meets the new boy in town, who happens to struggle with the same disorder. When fate continues to bring them closer, she inevitably catches feelings; with only 3 problems standing in the way. 1, Her incredibly controlling boyfriend. 2, Her raging trust issues. And 3, the new boy's secret past, which once revealed with change her life forever and thrust her into a journey she never could have prepared for. - - - Content warning: Contains themes of depression, murder,, suicidal thoughts, sh, substance abuse, deep discussions, etc. If any of these trigger you, I don't advise reading on <3


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"I don't consider any of you as family" "Young lady you will take that back right now" "Make me" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Livia Brown. Your typical nerdy teen, never got in trouble, never cursed. But that all changes when HE took it too far. Livia had a bad life you could say. Bullied, beaten, abused. The list goes on but that didn't stop him from doing the unknown. Damon Dexter. Your ordinary bad boy stereotype, police record, drugs, man whore. All the shit you would find a bad boy doing. Damon Dexter hated Livia, for a reason unknown, but that hatred went too far when he decided to do something unforgivable. ------------------- What did Damon Dexter do? what will Livia do after what he's done? All this and more to find out in "The Nerds Found Karma" Slow updates❕


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Two years after the traumatic events of her past, Riley and her two brothers, Jason and Noah are finally getting their lives back in order. With Riley facing new obstacles at college, Jason meeting up with the new mysterious Tyrus and Noah fighting his own inner demons, are they all really at peace or are the memories of the past starting to catch up to them again. // Note: This story can be read as a stand alone book however the characters follow on from Infliction. If you wish for some more back story please read Infliction. The updates on this book will be slower than usual.


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For Evans he was excited for his eighteenth birthday to finally find his mate and take over as alpha but what happens when that happens to be the runt of the pack. Amber is the runt of the pack after her parents died she became the most hated person.she is the maid and the cook and everything .She can't wait to find her mate and get away from that hellhole. But what happens when her mate Evans the future alpha and the one that tormented her the MOST???? He rejects her but Amber is something special ?!?!?!? After a month she ran away and came back but she is no longer weak. Oh no she is the Alpha if the most feared and respected pack in the US