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onebin // stardust.

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Highest ranking: 1st #lalisaqmanoban : 3rd #lisa : 2nd #nini Published on May 22/2020 with love My one and only kpop world blackpink, and in memory of north Nellie


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Janne keliye padhna padega 😜🤗


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Having one of the prettiest idol in kpop as a girlfriend has Kim Hanbin soooo jealous with a lot of guys. What would Lisa do to appease him?


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The Underground Star series: Unknown There's a belief that you will encounter three types of love; the first love, the one great love and the true love.


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It's wenclair, there's smut, fluff angst (they're 18) This is my first story that is this long Sorry if it's not good But i hope you enjoy reading it Started:2022.12.05 There's a continuation to this book, what you can find on my profile


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"em sẽ không biến mất như pháo hoa tàn." kim jiwon rất ghét pháo hoa.


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LA DONNA SERIES #2 This was my first night with my first love ! I mentally squealed. He was super close to me and I could hear my heart pound in my ears . I could smell that he freshened up by the different manly perfume that hit my nostrils. It was oddly familiar but I couldn't put a finger on it . Before I could say a word his lips collided with mine . I was in shock. My first kiss . I tried to respond but it was very rough and demanding and I hissed in pain when he bit my lip . My eyes almost fell out of their sockets when I tasted the metallic taste of blood . I ignored it and tried to give in but I didn't know that it would be this uncomfortable. Suddenly I was on the bed and his big rough hands were roaming all over me . With each second it started hurting more than the second before . "Imran y-you're hurting me ." I started crying not feeling comfortable. He didn't respond. Actually it was as if I told him the opposite because by hearing my voice he was becoming more cruel and more rough . I started crying . "Imran go ea-s-sy." I stuttered and started panicking. He didn't listen . He ignored my cries , started removing his clothes and he tore mine . He got on top of me and I felt a necklace dangling above me . Imran never wore a necklace. Before I could put two and two together I felt an immense pain between my legs and I let out a screeching scream but he put his big hand on my mouth muffling my screams. I started hitting and punching his chest but he wouldn't stop . It hurt so damn much . After a short period of time I felt a liquid dripping from my body . My virginity. It was my blood . My heart shattered and the pain got more immense when I heard his dark deep familiar voice whisper in my ear. "Daughter pays for her father's sins." Those were the last words I heard before having a panic attack and darkness took over me . I knew then for a fact that my life was destroyed this night .


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June susah ditebak, kadang baik kadang jahat, kapan sih June mau sayang sama aku juga?