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Re:Regulus Restarting From Zero With My Worst Enemy...

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God, a supreme being that shouldn't be questioned, a being that surpasses any other being. At this point in time, this being that knows the answer to everything........was bored.....Although he has taken a liking to a certain world...Re:Zero, especially the Sin Archbishop of Greed, Regulus Corneas. Since he was bored, he figured that he might as well make Subaru's life harder and easier at the same time, by sending Subaru back to Zero with the reincarnated version of the man he hates.
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Stupid short stories that I wrote, the first ones suck so go to the half of the book for actually good ones, anyway, enjoy❤💚❤💚 (I started this book in April 2020 and it's June 2022 and yes, I'm still uploading from time to time💀) update: it's almost February 2023 and I'm still here bitches 🤭🤭🫶


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This book is ongoing* There aren't enough Mirabel x readers nor x OCs out there so imma do it myself. Plus I'm a lonely mfer. The Mirabel simps are just very quiet. I mean it's nice at least I am not good at descriptions. I will try. Basically : Lil (Lil'fox) Real name: Sophia Zelda Bosphoramus Hyrule Zelda and Encanto crossover Was Lil abandoned by Link and Zelda....her parents? Lil grew up in the Encanto in an orphan home by Miss.Zorana Perez She was close with a boy named Marko there....he was like a big brother to her. He moved out and living his best life Over time..Mirabel developed feelings for her best friend. Does Lil love her back? Maybe maybe not. Lets find out. On her thirteenth birthday she gets to live with the Madrigals....she wasnt adopted- they somewhat took her in They treat her like one of their own. Yes the family sees a spark of love between Mira and Lil...- just read the story- see how it goes. What about Lilfox's powers? Her real family? Hyrule???? What's gonna be happening in this story? Will there be a sequel? Ummm no- probably Would Abuela approve of their relationship? And Im only doing this book because there's not enough Mirabel X reader books out there nor X OC. So I did mine. No Encanto ain't dead. I may make another book in this. Might have self harm and shit in this book. Not with lil but Mirabel....idk go na have to read it to see and know for yourself Read the story bro don't be shy. Gonna have smut at some point or whatever. I always told myself that I hate nsfw...idk what I like and what I don't like.. I'll try with this book. I MIGHT do a Camilo x reader x Mirabel book. .I have plans for Encanto books in the future. I guess. Kill me now I will literally make more Encanto books. Ngl. Mehh, let's see what imma do. I ain't ever stop loving the Encanto. The fandom still kicking I believe. But I'm not here for them. Homophobic Alma (somewhat?) Nah this book gonna be long. Idk who else got Encanto books ongoing rn....


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Shirou Emiya after managed to buy time for Miyu to sent into another world to find happiness,an unexpected force has taken interested in shirou and has transferred him into the world of Teyvat!will he able to find happiness or maybe a dangerous enemy? *genshin impact and fate series does not belong to me all the pictures in use are belong to their rightfully owners.*


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Tanjiro died defeating Muzan but was shock to see he was in a new world. In that world, he meets a white hair half elf. Now he helps her because of his good heart, while also trying to find a way back home. I do not own Demon Slayer, Re:Zero, or any images I use in this story.


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when accelerator finds himself in a new world far different from his own he must adapt to his new reality and rise through the ranks to become number 1 again. This is an original work the only thing I dont own are the toaru characters the rest are OC's I hope you enjoy the story as it will be very long but has very short characters. Each chapter is between 1 and 2 thousand words (5 minutes of reading) but I hope to get this story to between 50 and 100 chapters. Grammar and correct spelling does not exist. (Check out the prologue the world that was before)


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His name was Jason, one of the many regular guys who has been suffering through the Gacha Hell and Salt dimensions of FGO. One day, all of it has changed when he found himself in the past. Perhaps, an another world or dimension- and more importantly, in the body of young child Jason, the future leader of the Argonauts. Despite the guy being slightly redeemed in the Atlantic Lostbelt, there's no way he would let the history happen on him. He refuse his destiny to be a Jason. But it seems that Death Flags are approaching on their own.


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On first glance, he seems like your average student that's trying to get an education so that he can find work in the future but.....It's not good enough for him, he wants something more.....something more ambitious. But he knows how difficult it is to try and do anything meaningful in his world, especially in a country like Japan. But one day without warning, he's transported to another world, and he finds out later that he is a canditate for the throne of Lugunica! But there's a ability granted to him that will make his journey easier and harder at the same time.


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In a world overrun by monstrous creatures called grimm and dangers worse than those. There is a system of levels, danger levels if you will, the highest of which is level 5 starting with creatures of the grimm, hunters and huntresses, Glynda Goodwitch, Qrow Branwen, General James Ironwood, Headmaster of Beacon Ozpin, Mikoto Misaka, Kakine Teitoku and the top rank, Accelerator.


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~~~ . . He let my hand go and cupped the side of my neck sinking his fingers up the back of my neck. I sighed leaning my head a bit back, before feeling my body shiver when used his thumb to run over my jawline. How did we end up here? We stared at each other for a sec, his eyes dropped to my lips then come back to my eyes. I slid my hands up his arms because they had no where else to go. I turned away from him, just for his hand that was on my hip to grab me by my cheeks. "You're drunk," I mumbled looking literally anywhere else but Mathias. "I am not," he moved his head to be in my eye view "Drunk," and just ended up pressing his forehead on mine, dropping the hand on my cheeks back to my hip. I closed my eyes tightly cause I couldn't look this man in the eyes for shit- The fact his hands were on me made it feel unreal, like it was another wet dream I was having of my boss. When his hands hadn't moved and nothing was said as if he was thinking of something to do. I opened eyes just as his head dipped into my neck, I swear I felt like melting on the floor right then and there. "Wait..."