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[Review] Ngôn / Đam / Truyện / Sách

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Translated stories I like enough to recommend. I review them so expect some spoilers (I try not to spoil major events.) (Please read the novels on the original translator's site which can be found on novelupdates!)


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I've been reviewing stories on Wattpad for a while now and, boy, has that been a journey. Your stories have made me gasp and squeal. Your stories have made me laugh and cry. But, from time to time, your stories have made me cringe. In commemoration of my review store hitting 100 reviews, I thought it was about time to break down my reviewing journey, with the help of a fellow reviewer, @awesomeSTG. This book will contain chapters regarding the common errors I see in stories, it will offer tips on how to make your story professional, and there will also be some sneaky rants about what people expect from a reviewer. Welcome to 101 Writing Tips from an Exhausted Reviewer, featuring two very exhausted reviewers: @ray_of_sunshine9 and @awesomeSTG. Or, as perfectly said by @awesomeSTG: Ladies and gentlemen, folks far and wide! Sharpen your quills, prepare your scrolls, and polish your fire-resistant armours, for we shall finally cool off your burning queries - or scorch you even more - with our word of wisdom (namely rants) and advice! Hear ye, hear ye! And the incredible cover is done by the very talented @g_beckford - thank you so much!


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Câu chuyện về một con thỏ trắng sống với quá khứ và một con hổ hung ác mang danh "bad boy".


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Tác phẩm: Người Tốt Nhất Trên Thế Gian Này Là Anh Tác giả: Dung Quang Chuyển ngữ: Chjcbjbj & Kentu Thể loại: Hiện đại, HE, ngọt ngào Nguồn: GIỚI THIỆU Anh là người tốt nhất trên đời, mang đến cho em tình yêu tuyệt vời nhất. Khi tôi nghĩ rằng cả thế giới đều coi thường mình, tôi đã gặp một người. Anh khẽ mỉm cười chìa tay ra với tôi. Kể từ đó, dù cuộc sống này có rắc rối như thế nào chăng nữa cũng không ảnh hưởng tới tôi.


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this story takes place after neteyam's death and tells of the love between the young sully and aonung. spoiler:neteyam resurrects ;)🙏💅✨ ⚠️the drawings of the story are not made by me, i found them on the internet⚠️ Please read this storyyy Ships here: Aonunete (Principal) Lo'akxtsireya (There are a few references) Rotxoxkiri (In the sixth chapter) Also I love reading your comments to see what you think about this story, it's really important


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Bitterness, agony, cruelty. An original story about the unrealistic love these two hold being way more challenging than they thought. { Currently rewriting, thank you for your patience. I strongly advice you to only read the rewritten parts as I've now matured and speak better English.} Contains violence, strong language use and several kinds of 'manipulation'. If you're sensitive to these kinds of things I recommend you to not read this. Main characters: Blackpink's Jennie and Lisa.


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Welcome to the Pretty In Punk Book Club! If you're looking for constructive feedback instead of spam comments, a club that tries to get your entire book read, and a place with a strong sense of community and friendship, then come on in and join the group! Here we pump out creative, unique, and sometimes rocking books! We are a club for adults, run by adults. We are currently accepting applications. Age 21+ Please do not copy this book club as we reserve all rights. Copyright violation will apply. Steps will be taken. #1 in bookclub tag (10/10/2019) #1 in bookclub tag (02/11/2020) #1 in bookclub tag (08/28/2020) #1 in bookclub tag (10/03/2020) #1 in bookclub tag (10/10/2020) #1 in bookclub tag (11/06/2020) #1 in bookclub tag (11/10/2020) #1 in bookclub tag & feedback tags (03/27/2021) #1 in bookclub & feedback tags (04/10/21) #1 in bookclub & feedback tags (04/18/21) #1 in review tag (11/4/21) #1 in critique & #2 bookclub tags #1 in feedback tag (02/19/22) #1 in bookclub tag (4/9/22) #1 in review & feedback tags (6/26/22)


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In the Sunflower Book Club, members and their books are randomly assigned weekly pairings to read two chapters a week. New assignments are posted Sundays EST. All books and people are welcome, apply inside!


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Hey guys, gals and non-binary pals! This book filled with labels, their definitions, as well as things and art themed around them like aesthetics and pride flag arts (i own nothing, of course. Credit to the amazing artists)! I will also be including one of their awareness/visibility days or week. This book's main purpose is to be educational, not hateful or anything of the sort. I am going into everything with an open, accepting mind. REQUESTS ARE VERY WELCOME! Feel free to reach out if you need help figuring out your own identity. I'll try my best to help you ^•^ my pms, comments, and mb are open <3 Dedicated now to @Fabulous_Rainbow_ . We miss you, Olly Honourable co-writer: @DemigodOfAnime , as well as a couple of people who occasionally lend help on discord! Highest rankings: #1 in Definitions #1 in Education #1 in Terms #1 in Awareness #1 in Questioning #1 in Community #1 in Aesthetic #1 in Identity #2 in Sexuality #2 in Labels #2 in Information #3 in Gender Thank you all so much <3 (NO👏MAKING👏FUN👏OF👏ANYONE👏FOR👏WHO👏THEY👏LOVE👏OR👏WHO👏THEY👏ARE👏IN👏THIS👏BOOK!👏 That includes the LGBTQ+, people of all races and skin colours, indigenous people, cishet people, and etc etc.)