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The costume

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Charlotte is a normal 25 yo she has a husband And freinds one night fateful night she goes to a Halloween party and forgot to get a costume she called a store and all they had was a baby costume when happens when she gets a little tipsy
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Here's my collection of Larry Stylinson one-shots that I've written. I'll try to add more whenever I get around to it.


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Outerbanks imagines! . If you want to read something specific, please send me a dm or comment on a chapter on what to like to read and about who. You can request one by sending me a dm!


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A re-upload of an old story about a girl called Amy who realises her long time diaper fantasy. ABDL and domestic punishment themes


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⚠️ 16+, Smut A complication of Draco Malfoy, Mattheo Riddle, Regulus Black, and Tom Riddle One Shots. -All one shots are my own original work -All rights and characters go to JK Rowling. (Mostly Male-Dom kinks) -Please do not report. Highest Ranking: #1 in tomriddle 6/7/22 #2 in shot 6/12/22


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In a dystopian future, the government allows parents to punish unruly teens with a selection of designer drugs designed to have kids humiliated by their peers. This frees up space in young offender institutions, and effectively makes ongoing punishment self-sustaining. Lorna is very smart, but never respected the adults in her life as much as they may have liked. So when she takes the blame for a friend's mistake, her parents will jump on the opportunity to attack her self-respect. Her friends are supportive to start with; but will they be able to resist teasing when the drugs take away Lorna's bladder control? This story is being written for Camp NaNoWriMo July 2022, so should receive daily updates during that month. Cover artwork by Government Goblin (original cover image was a placeholder with stock photos).


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[Mafia Fiction] ✧Ongoing✧ My eyes were hungrily gawking his while he kept pounding me on his thigh. With each jump, my fingers grabbed the silky fabric of his shirt even tighter, asking him for more, for more of that pleasure that was devouring me every second. I bit my lower lip, trying to supress my squirms and moans in my breathy voice while grinding my wetness on him. I glanced up at his eyes while they were already set on me with lust and desire overflowing out of them. I could read his thoughts, sparkling. I hid my face in my arms, flustered while squeaking slowly. Suddenly, he stopped, making me gasp and squirm. Grabbing my face, he made me look up at him, in those sparkling caramel eyes. "Princess, do you want me to stop and leave you aching for more?" he whispered, spanking me while I tried to rub myself on him. "No.. please" I begged, licking my lips, asking him for more of it. He smirked, squeezing my cheek with his hand and whispered again, close to my ears, "In that case, I want my baby to look at me and show me how desperately she wants it..." ♚ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃♚ Heaven Eloise, another name for beauty and grace. In her life, she had everything normal like any other girl of her age. Her naive self thought the world outside is equally beautiful as it looks, but truth starts to unfold as soon as her dad passed away... Julian Lozano, a ruthless, Italian Mafia Leader who owns the states in his hands. He carries a dark personality with untold truths that makes others fear him for the power he holds. Playing with hearts and lives isn't anything new to talk about but this is destined to change when he finds something that catches his interest for little.... too long. ☠︎


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Milo divulges his darkest secret with Claire, the one he loves most. How will this affect their relationship? Will it bring them together, Or tear them apart? - Check authors notes for updates! (Last update 01/16/23)


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After losing money to the ICS, Nora Stevens must lie in order to get a scholarship for MIT University. ------------------------------------ NOTE: This story is not mine. This can be found on the ADISC story forum.


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❌WARNING: NSFW/LOTS OF SMUT❌ 26 year old, Connor Deluca, is a professional Hockey player in the NHL; who just moved into the expensive Citrus Grove Community. 23 year old, Serena Jade, is the recluse famous author known to the public only under her pen name Skylyn Voss, and is unfortunately Connor's neighbor. Connor moves into the huge and gorgeous house right next to Serena's own big and beautiful home. The pair immediately form a growing hatred for one and other when Connors first "house warming party" involves blasting music at 2 am and his guest puking in her petunia's. He's a bad boy party animal, and she likes her quiet where she can stay inside and read all day. Nothing in common at all. In fact complete opposites. Yet, Connor can't seem to get the outline of Serena's perfect curves out of his lustful thoughts and Serena finds herself fantasizing about Connor's chiseled body on top of hers. Sexual tensions and ever growing lust sets the two a flame with desires they wish they could ignore.


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(18+) "We shouldn't, your son is my fiancé." I whispered sounding unsure and very hostile. He watched me carefully with his dark blue eyes before tilting his head gently to the right, the same blue eyes that had just watched me undress a couple minutes ago. "Darling, I really don't give a fuck right now." His chest rumbled with the deepening of his voice. It made me clench my thighs tighter together, my hands were still covering my bare breast. There was nothing between us but his pair of sweatpants dangling around his built torso and forgotten love ones, I wanted to feel him deep inside of me. That's when I decided to move my hands away from my body allowing him to see me completely. He's my soon to be father in law and my dad's best friend, it was wrong but it felt so right. - Talitha has always been the golden child, she's always followed her parents rules, she's never disappointed them. Talitha is perfect in every way that is visibly but when doors are closed she's a wreck. Bodhi Rhodes has always liked her, he's wanted her for quite a while now, didn't he find it a little weird that now she wants a relationship with him after her family went bankrupt? With their engagement out in the world, his father comes back to the city. Kaz Rhodes, a 47 year old successful businessman and also a very good friend to Talitha's father. Everything changes when they see each other, skin to skin, mouth to mouth, and commit flies out the room but for how long? Marrying Bodhi helps her family and their image but if her father ever finds out the truth he'll never forgive her for her sins. Forbidden love has never been easy but with more than two hearts on the line, it's nearly impossible.