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"What's her name then? " Mom asked then smile.

"Her name is Lalisa Manoban. She's so cuteee and Gorgeo-" Kai didn't finish his sentence when Mom interrupted him.

"LALISA MANOBAN?!" Mom shouted in shocked. Causing Dad and I choked. Mom and Jongin quickly gave us water.

"Mom! Don't shout" i scold. I know she's my mom but scolding her sometimes doesn't bother her tho.

"Oh yeah sorry.. So is that Lisa? The Lisa who have Intellectual Disability?" Mom asked. I looked at Jongin and he nod.

"Yes mom! Why?" Jongin asked.

"Well she's Marco's one and only Daughter.. She's supposedly Jennie's wife in the future but Jennie refused it remember?" Dad explain making me and Kai Shocked. What did he just said? Supposedly my wife?!.
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Book one to the Romano's Crime Organization Series. (18+) In which a rookie detective, Diamond Lee, ends up in the wrong location at the wrong time and is captured by one of Don Romano, the most powerful and merciless don according to the other seven Sicilian-American criminal familia(s), associates. She is brought to Don Romano by his associate, but things swiftly devolve as he attempts to protect her from the men of several crime organizations who are seeking to harm her. For Detective Lee, the reason remains unsolved to why he spared her life. Their difficult bond begins to shift as Mister Romano desired more than just information from her, resulting in a tangled love affair. His regret intensifies as he learns she is beginning to affect his emotions and his way of working in crime. --- "I kill those who deserve to be killed, doll," ---


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#1 Southeastern University Series Natosha Jackson is from the south-side slums of Ridgeport. She's your average bookworm and mathematic fanatic. To pay her dues to the dean of students, she is hand-picked to tutor one of the most notorious football players at Southeastern University, Matteo Four Wittstock. In the town of Ridgeport, the Wittstocks are well-known wealthy people from the north side. Although Natosha wants nothing to do with Four's lifestyle and womanizing tendencies, she finds herself falling into the temptations of lust. While she wrestles with this new fiery excitement in her life, Four becomes enamored deeper than he ever imagined. No one expects the rocky twists and turns that bring these two people together but Four loves a good challenge. And when a game is this good, he's more than ready to play. ***The Southeastern University Collection shows the lives of young adults as they enter, survive and finish off their university experience. The students attending this university are not only dealing with keeping up their GPAs and attending student union meetings. These students are battling ties with addiction, exploring their sexuality, and embarking on past and present family burdens. *** *** These works cannot be read as a standalone. *** WARNING: THIS STORY IS 18+ AND CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE AND MATURE CONTENT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. STARTED: 7/10/2020 Completed. 2022


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This is not fiction written in English.


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Rebel Simmons was just a girl who was dealt a shitty hand in the game of life. Despite her harsh and abusive upbringing, she worked hard, and studied harder. With an IQ of 252. she's a certified genius and is working towards her Masters Degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University. When tough times hit and she's desperate for money, she steals $5 Million from an offshore bank account. Little did she know she was stealing from the most ruthless Mafia Boss in the world: Dante Vino. • MATURE THEMES 18+ • Cover designed by Holly Thurston


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read the title these stories are not mine © CREDITS TO THE OWNER ©


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Lisa must marry Somi in return for the help that Somi's family has done for Lisa's family. Not until she meets Jennie Kim, who will be the reason why her problems grow. She's being blackmailed by Kim to be her girlfriend until they fall in love with each other. What would Somi do if she found out about this? Lisa G!P #1- Jennie - 03/21/22


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One shots of Jennie being jealous/Possessive over Lisa Don't copy without using permission directly from me. Give credit where it's due. Plagiarism is a crime.


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"If life is a movie then you're the best part" jenlisa oneshot compilation G!P